" Imagination of art governs the world.-Napoléon Bonaparte"

The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance." - Aristotle

Academy of 3D Art Decoupage & Craft Worldwide office is registered at England & Wales Companies House under Act 2006.

Help each country to become an accredited centre of Academy of 3D Art Decoupage & Craft International and will provide your business with many benefits. The Academy is promoting excellence in art and craft internationally. Members of the Academy are required to demonstrate a high quality and integrity standards. The objects are:

-To unite all artist & Crafters under Academy expand and promote art and craft in their countries
-To encourage, promote and develop the study and practice of art and craft throughout the world
-To institute and maintain teacher/Artist training courses with the aim of providing qualifications for successful candidates.
-To promote and organise Master classes to develop and improve craft techniques
- To organize teachers & judges courses
-To seek to increase the number of qualified teachers/ Artists of art and craft in all countries
-To provide a forum for all craft teachers /Artists to exchange ideas and experiences
-To maintain a register of qualified teachers / Artists of all member organisations.

To make the Academy's services available without discrimination on grounds of colour, creed, disability, impairment, occupation, race, religious or political affiliation, or sexual orientation and to promote equal opportunities in a positive manner.

Short history of Decoupage Art

Decoupage art have been a long and fascinating history that can be traced back to 12th century. Over the centuries it boasts many famous crafters including Marie Antoinette (1774-1792), Madame de Pompadour (1721-1764), emphasizing her successes as a patron of the arts. Lord Byron and later, Matisse and Picasso.

The wealthy classes were using master painters to cut out pieces and decorate their furniture, walls and ceilings. Drawings from the artists of the day were cut out, glued down and covered with lacquer to resemble original paintings. It even infiltrated the court of Louis XV. Ladies with an artistic bent snipped away at pictures and pasted them onto hatboxes, wig stands, fire screens and toiletry objects, keeping themselves amused for many hours.

Today, decoupage arts are demanding new directions, new skills and creativity from artists around the world. To create outstanding pictures, Artists are using combinations of mixed techniques and skills, including furring and feathering. In June 2013 I had a 3D Art exhibition in Bristol, UK and it was a big success.

Mary Delany
Mary Delany was an English Bluestocking, artist, and letter-writer; equally famous for her "paper-mosaics" Mary Delany who lived in England from 1700 to 1788. This charming, & talented lady was a confidante of King George III & Queen Charlotte and greatly loved member of their court. Mary produced most exquisite and botanically accurate reproductions of plants and flowers by cutting up pictures. She produced her "paper mosaics", as she called them, until the age of 88 when she succumbed to failing eyesight. These superb paper cut outs can be seen in the British Museum today.
Valentina Jarrett

Certificate of Incorporation of Academy 3D Art Decoupage & Craft International, registration number is 097177777 under companies Act 2006 in England & Wales.

The Academy of 3D Art Decoupage & Craft International recognizes persons as teachers subject to the following regulations:
1. They have successfully attended a Diploma Teaching Skills course organized by the Academy.
2. They are a member in good standing of an Affiliate Association of the Academy.
3. They have successfully organized a teaching course under the auspices of the Affiliate Association and are recommended by the Affiliate Association.
4. They undertake to uphold the high standards set by the Academy.
5. There is no fee payable by the Affiliate Association making the application.
6. The sponsoring Affiliate Association must remain in good standing with the Academy.
Applications must be made through the Affiliate Association and the recognition only continues while the person is a member in good standing with an Affiliate Association.

Teaching Skills Course will be hold in Sofia, Bulgaria 26th February -29th February
The Academy is pleased to announce that an Intensive Teacher's Skills Course will take place in Sofia, Bulgaria!
Arrival on Friday, 26th February. Course is on 27th-28th February. Departure on Monday, 29th February. Deadline for enrolment is 25th January! Hurry up as the places to participate are limited.
Accommodation will be in announce in January 2016
Academy Administration