Highlights from Promotion of Japanese Team
Valentina Jarrett with Golden Trophy Award, Award certificate to Father Pavlos (From right to left)

Highlights from World Craft Convention
Academy delegation had successful meetings during World Craft Convention

Academy donated 7 pictures of 3D
decoupage & MixMedia to City library

Academy Exhibition at Royal Art Gallery

Paper Arts Therapy with Rosanna in Italy

Academy Intensive Teaching Skills Course
in Sofia, Bulgaria.

1. The Academy of 3D Art Decoupage & Craft International (referred to as ADCI) operates under the aegis of the Company registration number 0971777 at the HM Government HOUSE under UK LAW ACT of England and WALES 2006
2. The Academy is open for anyone who has a passion and desire for art and creativity and membership is free.

The strategy is:

2.1 Provide high ethical standards
2.2 Help persons achieve higher skill levels and qualifications
2.3 Respect people and their ideas
2.4 Provide education, training, qualification courses and recognition to empower academy members

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On the membership page you will see artists, teachers and friends from other countries. I always enjoy new ideas, new techniques and would like to share them with others.

The object is to bring all art lovers together from around the world by working and learning together. During these meetings artists from different countries learn about each other, their cultures and traditions!

Membership of 3D Arts International is free of charge for individuals. Please send your name, address and e-mail. I had my Art exhibition in Bristol, UK and it was a big success! I met many craft lovers with different skills and abilities and made new friends. I am always interested to know what other artists, crafters and teachers around the world are doing, learning new techniques from them and exchanging skills knowledge.

Continue of Academy strategy
2.5 Embrace constant change, improvement and innovation
2.6 Be socially and environmentally responsible
2.7 Achieve continuous long-term success for all members
3. The Academy will have a Board that comprises a member of the Company plus representatives of Affiliate Associations and this will meet at regular intervals. New AffiliateAssociations are accepted by a vote of the Academy Board.
4. Duties of Affiliate Associations are:
4.1 Unite all art, craft and decoupage devotees under one Association in their area.
4.2 Identify individuals with different levels of skill: beginners, intermediate or advanced, in their area.
4.3 Organise workshops/seminars to exchange skills and knowledge in their area.
4.4 Promote and disseminate art, decoupage and craft knowledge between local members
4.5 Encourage integrity and a high standard in art, decoupage and craft.
4.6 Organise and participate in meetings, workshops, seminars and local bazaars particularly in connection to local events and business and participate actively in local communities.
4.7 Communicate effectively between their members and other like-minded associations.
4.8 Report to Academy Board of progress on all activities on a regular basis.
4.9 Responsibility for the quality of work of all members of their Association who have been awarded Academy Diplomas.
5. A General Assembly will be held every two years, which all Affiliate Associations will be entitled to attend. Each Affiliate Association will have one vote. In addition the Company will also have one vote. Proposals for the General Assembly must be submitted one month prior to the meeting. The General Assembly elects the Affiliate Association members of the Academy Board. The number of Affiliate Association members of the Academy Board shall be not less than two and not more than six.
6. The Academy will recognize individual persons with the appropriate experience as teachers subject to the following:
6.1 They have successfully attended a Diploma Teaching Skills course organized by the Academy.
6.2 They are a member in good standing of an Affiliate Association of the Academy.
6.3 They have successfully organized a teaching course under the auspices of the Affiliate Association and are recommended by the Affiliate Association.
6.4 They undertake to uphold the high standards set by the Academy.
6.5 There is no fee payable by the Affiliate Association making the application.
6.6 The sponsoring Affiliate Association must remain in good standing with the Academy.
6.7 Applications must be made through an Affiliate Association and the recognition only continues while the person is a member in good standing with an Affiliate Association.
7. Individual members may be accepted for membership if there is no local affiliated association but they have no voting rights at a General Assembly. They are expected to meet the standards in point two above. If there are three or more individual members they will be entitled to nominate one of themselves to be a member of the Academy boa

Academy is registered under The Guild Master Craftsmen

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My name is Valentina Jarrett and welcome to Academy web site!Web site was created for friends,colleagues as creative art & craft worldwide organisations. 3D Arts and Crafts International is for whose who have a passion and desire to develop skills in Arts & Crafts. I have been teaching over 30 years and have qualified as an international teacher!

Academy delivered seminars in many countries and have friends and colleagues all over the world. I love 3D Art & Creative Crafts and want to help others to become more proficient in this field. click to read moore....









































































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